Retirement Sale 2013Hellooooooooo,

Yes you read that correctly, I’m having a retirement sale.  I didn’t plan on having a(nother) sale nor did I plan to retire anything, but after some consideration I decided if I were to move forward with my current projects and plans for [elikatira] I should retire my current inventory of items….yup I’m doing that again.  The majority of my hairstyles are made of sculpties and I’d like to continue moving forward with mesh…so this will be the last of the sculpts for me.  While I didn’t plan on retiring everything…I think this is what I need to do (this includes my current mesh hairstyles as well).

Details about the sale: Sale begins today, January 23rd and ends on February 23rd. This gives everyone an entire month to pick up items that will no longer be available. All items are discounted by 70%! A L L items. Store credit may be used to make purchases, but credit will not be earned during the sale.  Once the sale is over these items will no longer be available for purchase in-world nor on SL Market.

What happens after the sale?  Well, first of all, all items currently in my store will be retired and no longer made available.  Second, I will be closing my store and island for a few months in order to finalize my projects and get them all set.  Considering I have a lot going on in real life….I’m hoping it will only be for a “few” months and not “several”.  But as time allows I will be working on getting the new [elikatira] up and running.  I’m excited about what’s to come.

What about the VIP group?  If you’re currently a member please stay in…it will be worth your while once I finish and re-open.  Obviously, if you need the group slot and wish to delete it, then go for it.  Unfortunately, to re-join later in the future you will have to pay the fee to join (unless you’ve saved a copy of your transaction history).  The group is currently closed for new members and will remained closed until a few weeks after my re-opening.

Will there still be an anniversary sale in the Fall?  I’m not 100% sure, but I’m leaning toward no.  I said a couple of years ago that I would only have one sale a year.  Even though this sale wasn’t planned and sorta just happened, it still counts for me as a sale in 2013.  I guess I’d like to get some feedback from everyone if you’d still like to have a sale in the Fall during my anniversary.  I guess a lot of it will depend on when I actually get finished and re-opened lol.  So for now lets stick a pin in it and say “to be determined”.

Thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to move forward with my plans for [elikatira].  Enjoy the sale and remember….once it’s over, these items will be no longer available for purchase.


Have a great rest of your week and see you soon!

<3 Elika


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